Project Overview
Whether it is drug molecules or other types of solid particles, their diffusion caused by thermal motion will eventually lead to release from the medium. In the face of a variety of specific problems, each has its own unique boundary conditions, we can customize the corresponding diffusion equation for each scenario to make the release process more scientific and reasonable. We insist on using theoretical and data-driven methods, rather than relying solely on empirical formulas to predict and analyze the diffusion process.
Core advantage
We have the ability to build a mathematical model from the inside of the medium and effectively extend it to the solution to achieve comprehensive mathematical modeling and solution from the initial to the final stage. This method will make the whole material release process more scientific and reasonable.
With our advanced molecular simulation technology, we can deeply explore the details of the system and accurately obtain the key parameters, so as to ensure the high accuracy of the mathematical model. In addition, our strong computing power ensures the fast and timely acquisition of calculation results, which can provide customers with rapid and accurate data support.
Classic case
According to the characteristics of the interaction force of drug molecules in the crystal, we established the release model of the whole stage. As a result, the whole release process of the drug from the internal diffusion to the external release of the drug is successfully predicted.