Project Overview
Mesoscopic dynamics, in this case, refers to the use of coarse granulation technology to study the dynamic behavior of materials and biological systems on the mesoscopic scale. Different from the first-principles methods of molecular dynamics or quantum mechanics at the atomic scale, mesoscopic dynamics focuses on simplifying complex systems through coarse granulation techniques. In the coarse-grained model, multiple atoms or molecules are combined into larger "particles" or "blocks" to reduce the amount of computation and be able to deal with physical processes with larger and longer time scales. The core of coarse graining technology is to capture key physical and chemical properties while omitting detailed information at the micro level. This method enables researchers to observe and analyze mesoscopic phenomena such as the motion of polymer chains and the dynamic behavior of complex structures in cells. Through mesoscopic dynamics simulation, the structure and function of materials can be understood at mesoscopic scale, such as the self-assembly of soft matter, the formation and function of cell membrane and so on. Mesoscopic dynamic simulation plays an important role in the fields of material science, soft matter physics and biophysics because it can bridge the understanding of micro and macro scale.
Core advantage
Our advanced coarse-grained processing methods and flexible adaptive scripts enable us to quickly and accurately build force fields for different systems, especially in supporting very large-scale complex systems. Our technology can significantly save time and improve efficiency in time-consuming dynamic research fields such as self-assembly and free energy estimation.
We are not only proficient in the transformation technology from the whole-atomic model to the coarse-grained model, but also can restore the complex coarse-grained model to the all-atomic model. With our powerful computing resources and rich drawing tools, we can ensure that we can provide accurate and vivid all-atomic image display, bringing readers a shocking visual experience.
Classic case
Through coarse-grained modeling, the binding free energy of a liposome to the surface of phospholipid bilayer was calculated, and then it was reduced to an all-atomic model.
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Picture and text display
Our mesoscopic kinetic computing services help customers gain a better understanding of system behavior at the micro and mesoscopic scale, providing strong support for new material research, drug delivery, biofilm research, etc.
  • Charge distribution and electron cloud structure
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Through mesoscopic dynamic computing services, we can help you study and understand system behavior at the micro scale, provide important support for scientific research and new material design, and accelerate innovation and breakthrough development.