Shanghai Interspace Technology Service Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture research service provider located in Zhangjiang, Shanghai. We focus on multi-scale simulation calculation and image analysis research, covering from thermodynamic analysis of microscopic particles to complex thermodynamic simulation of macroscopic systems, and even expanding to explore unknown areas on cosmological scales. The company provides multi-dimensional solutions such as multi-scale simulation calculation, mathematical modeling, supercomputing resources, image analysis and thesis services for researchers in universities and scientific research institutes, covering chemical engineering, materials science, biomedicine, mechanical engineering and astrophysics, etc., and has become a reliable partner of many research teams.
Shanghai Multl-tiered Interaction Technology Service Co., Ltd.
operation mode
Regularity and efficiency: Our advanced corporate management strategy ensures efficient operation and high quality service, while ensuring adequate rest and welfare for employees. In the space of mutual shadow, real talent and learning can grow rapidly. Top talent driven: We bring together top talent in the field and are committed to leading the industry with continuous high-quality innovation. We firmly believe that closures and patents are a game for the weak. Interspace will continue to share technological achievements and jointly promote progress in relevant scientific research fields. International perspective: We are committed to working with our global counterparts to introduce the latest technology and ensure we remain ahead of the curve in our industry. Interdisciplinary collaboration: Most of our team members have interdisciplinary backgrounds and are able to combine expertise in different fields to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions. Data security and privacy: As a research service provider, we take the security and privacy of user data very seriously. Our strict data security measures and privacy protection mechanisms ensure that partners 'ideas are managed and kept strictly confidential prior to publication.
mission and vision
Interspace mission: to provide scientific researchers with the best quality and most reliable scientific research service solutions in the field, and to assist scientific research development. Vision: To become the leading provider of scientific research services in the field and revolutionize the communications industry. Join us: Tel: 400 021 3616 Email: hr@mutiin.com