Project Overview
3D modeling is a technology to create and process 3D digital objects, which is widely used in many fields, including engineering design, entertainment, medicine and scientific research.
Scope of application
  • Architecture and engineering design
    In the field of architecture and engineering, 3D modeling is used to create accurate models of buildings and infrastructure projects. These models help to plan, design, and visualize building projects, and can be used to analyze structures and simulate the performance of different building materials.
  • Entertainment and gaming industry
    3D modeling plays a key role in film production, animation and video game development. It is used to create realistic characters, scenes, and special effects to enhance visual experience and immersion.
  • Medical and biological visualization
    In the field of medicine, 3D modeling technology is used to visualize human structure, disease model and surgical planning. It is also used in biological research to better understand complex biological structures and biochemical processes.
  • Product design and manufacture
    3D modeling technology is used to create and optimize the design of new products in product design. It enables designers to quickly iterate over design solutions and test product performance and durability through simulations.
  • Scientific research and archaeology
    In scientific research, three-dimensional modeling is used to reproduce ancient relics and fossils to help scientists and archaeologists better understand history and evolution.