Project Overview
To ensure high efficiency in areas such as multiscale simulation, mathematical modeling, and graphics and image processing, GPUs and heterogeneous accelerators are widely used to accelerate the computational process. This advanced technology configuration enables us to process all types of cases from our users at an extremely high speed. In addition, we offer flexible resource allocation options that allow users to run customized compute tasks according to their needs, thus maximizing the specific needs of different users. Whether processing complex scientific calculations or large-scale data analysis, our computing platforms ensure fast and efficient operation, thus significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of users 'work.
Core advantage
  • Rich GPU resources and software support
    We have extensive GPU hardware resources and supporting software libraries that not only enable us to efficiently process customer cases, but can also be leased to scientific institutions and research teams at competitive prices.
  • Customized hardware and software acceleration solutions
    Our team brings together software and hardware engineers who are proficient in computer architecture and have the ability to tailor efficient software and hardware acceleration solutions to users. No matter how unique a customer's needs may be, we can provide the most appropriate solution strategy to ensure that their computing tasks are performed optimally.