Project Overview
Acoustic simulation is the use of calculation methods to simulate and analyze the propagation, reflection and absorption of sound waves in different media and environments. This process includes the accurate modeling of the sound field and the calculation of the interaction between sound waves and objects, which can be used to study noise control, acoustic design and acoustic environment optimization.
Core advantage
Our team has a wealth of experience in the field of acoustic simulation and can accurately simulate the behavior of sound waves in a variety of environments, including complex indoor and outdoor sound fields. Through the advanced calculation method, we can accurately predict the key parameters such as sound pressure level, echo and noise distribution.
With strong computing power and professional software, we can effectively deal with large and complex acoustic models to ensure the accuracy and practicability of the results.
We combine data analysis and optimization algorithms to improve the efficiency and accuracy of acoustic simulation and provide customers with customized acoustic solutions.
Classic case
We use CATIA, ICEM CFD and Fluent software to accurately calculate the thrust, torque and noise levels of the propeller in order to evaluate and optimize the design of large adjustable pitch propellers. When establishing the CFD model of the propeller, the key difficulty, the selection of appropriate boundary layer thickness, is solved to ensure the high precision calculation results.