Project Overview
We are equipped with high-performance computing specifically for multi-scale simulation and graphics and image processing. These high-performance computing resources can not only efficiently handle our own research tasks, but also have good portability and can easily adapt to a variety of computing needs. Therefore, we can provide a series of supercomputing resources from basic to advanced to meet the needs of different levels of scientific research. Our goal is to provide strong and flexible computing support for the scientific research community to facilitate the smooth progress of all kinds of research projects.
Core advantage
Efficient and low-energy computing resources: our computing center adopts CPU based on ARM architecture, which not only provides powerful computing power, but also greatly reduces energy consumption. This feature enables us to provide customers with supercomputing resources with a better performance-to-price ratio.
Multi-function computing platform: we have specially configured high-performance computer resources for multi-scale simulation, CAE simulation, mathematical modeling, graphics and image processing and other fields. By providing a full range of supporting services, including hardware and software, and personalized customized solutions, we can help customers easily meet the challenges of supercomputing resource allocation.
Strict data security and confidentiality system: we maintain strict standards for data security to ensure the security and stability of user data. At the same time, our hardware support is equipped with strict confidentiality measures to ensure the privacy of user data and ensure that information is not leaked.