Project Overview
Electromagnetic simulation is a process of simulating and analyzing the behavior and characteristics of electromagnetic field in various equipment, systems or environments by using computer software. Through electromagnetic simulation, we can simulate and study the propagation, reflection, refraction of electromagnetic field and the response of different materials or structures to electromagnetic waves. This technique is commonly used in electronics, communications systems, antenna design, radar, radio spectrum analysis, electromagnetic compatibility assessment, and other fields related to electromagnetic fields to help engineers and researchers better understand and optimize the performance of electromagnetic systems.
Core advantage
Our team of experts has deep understanding and practical experience in electromagnetic simulation and is able to handle complex electromagnetic problems in the frequency range from RF to optical. We use advanced simulation tools and techniques to ensure accuracy and reliability of results.
Through multi-physical field coupling and advanced numerical methods, we are able to accurately simulate the behavior of electromagnetic fields and their effects on the surrounding environment, optimize designs and reduce test times.
Our computing resources include high-performance computing platforms and specialized software that enable us to efficiently handle large-scale and complex electromagnetic simulation tasks.