Project Overview
Finite element simulation (FEM) is a technology that applies finite element method (FEM) to simulate and analyze physical phenomena and structural behavior. This process involves dividing an object or system into several small, finite elements, and then predicting the overall behavior by solving the physical equations on these elements. Finite element simulation is widely used in structural analysis and other fields, which can effectively predict the stress, deformation and other characteristics of materials.
Core advantage
Our team has deep expertise in the field of finite element simulation and is able to deal with a variety of complex structural and material behaviors. Using advanced finite element technology, we can build an accurate model to ensure that the simulation results are highly consistent with the actual situation.
With the powerful computing resources and multi-physical field coupling ability, we can analyze and optimize the structural performance under a variety of conditions, provide detailed and reliable simulation data, and enhance the accuracy and feasibility of the design.
With the combination of modern algorithms and artificial intelligence technology, we can improve the simulation efficiency and reduce the computing time, while maintaining the accuracy and reliability of the simulation results.
Classic case
We use finite element simulation technology to accurately analyze the stress distribution of automotive engine bolts and successfully predict their life, thus significantly improving the design efficiency and reliability of the engine.